New Media Execution – iPhone app D-1

Client: PowerBar

Concept: This iPhone app, titled “Open Up” is designed to help adventurous, outdoorsy, and athletic individuals interact with each other to find the best outdoor activities; such as, hiking and biking trails, places to canoe, and rapids for kayaking. Using geo-location technology, this app recognizes where you are and modifies the results based on your surroundings. Users can view maps of the nearby area and “Check-in” at various locations, allowing friends and other users to see where they have been. The Food/Beverage feature will notify them of the nearest location where they can pick-up an energizing PowerBar.

  • Clicking on the “Hiking Trails” tab will bring you to a map of the nearby trails (shown on the right) with their difficulty ranked by a color- coding system. Your exact location will also be shown.
  • Once a trail is selected, a screen will pop-up showing details (length, difficulty, maximum alt., and overall ranking) about a particular trail. Users can read reviews posted by others about the trail and share comments.
  • Users can connect and interact with each other about their outdoor adventures.
  • The photo gallery allows users to share and view scenic nature images from various trails and sites.